Hello and welcome on my website dedicate to my passion, to my job, to the 2D and 3D Digital Art Domain.

My first name is Franck-Noel, born in 1969, from a Father passionately fond of photography
and a Mother passionately fond of painting, i began to work into the Digital domain from 1994.

It's by the way of "TRON", movie created by Steven Lisberger and the Walt Disney company in 1982,
that i heard for the first time about the 3D Domain. From this moment i knew what will be my way
and i focused all my studies and my researches in this direction. Since, i worked on several projects, quite
as various ones as the others, and quite as fascinating, which ones increased my knwoledges and my experience.

I have to make a point of thanking to all the peoples i met or i will meet in this domain, all those who
brought me or will bring me still more knowledges. I enjoy already to share this same passion
of creativity with you, for the sole purpose, to make peoples dreaming all around the world...!

Thank you . . . !


way to go

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